Business introduction of bejikopuBusiness introduction of bejikopu

Business of bejikopu

To wholesale Division Tsukiji direct product farm

Direct marketing vegetables wholesale business mainly on organic vegetables for high-quality supermarket, consumers' cooperative, food service industry
From Hokkaido to Okinawa, bind contracted farmer (about 100) which is craze for study feeling of all over Japan and network of trust together, the company employee who is resident at main production centers is confirmation from arrangement of kind to the planting management, process control of organic JAS, materials of compost, cultivation method, crop in field. Including the company farm, we put production center varying in altitude, latitude together and supply reliable safe vegetables steadily.

To Tsukiji direct marketing farm Division Tsukiji direct product farm

Direct marketing vegetables wholesale business such as organic vegetables for Tokyo restaurants, rare native species vegetables
We put organic vegetables of contracted farmer and the company farm production, vegetables of rare kind that market including rare native species does not have and market vegetables of Tsukiji together and deliver individual lineup that we differentiated from others to Tokyo restaurant about 400 store.

To the company farm Division Tsukiji direct product farm

Production of organic farm products, special cultivation farm products
At the direct management farm of Shinto-mura, Kitagunma-gun, Gunma, employee specialized in the company is particular from materials of organic compost and cultivates vegetables of kind most suitable for local climate climate.

I-Brand Division

The import of slow food ingredients business from Italy
We import slow food ingredients from Italy including gelato raw materials by the traditional manufacturing method and dry tomato.

To global solution Division details page

Human resources dispatch business to restaurant
We utilize network with restaurant by Tsukiji direct marketing farm Division and perform high human resources dispatch of specialty that captured needs of restaurant led by foreign student.