Business makes rapid progress more. Suggestion of new settlement solution.

WeChat Payment

Payment system for Chinese tourists whom bejikopu company runs as agency.

We settle an account just to read smartphone and are completed! We realize stylish settlement service and sales management

It is easily available new settlement service only by Wechat Payment being settlement service for Chinese tourists using Wechat, and user registering own bank account with Wechat.
Approximately 150,000 stores already introduce as new settlement service on offline in China and are used in shopping. Among Wechat users, approximately 400 million people have already used Wechat Payment, and the settlement that utilized mobile terminal by smartphone and the spread of Wechat forms huge market during penetration rapidly.

Photograph: We settle an account, and Wechat Payment gives service for Chinese tourists using Wechat

※Chat service that "slight sincerity" (WeChat) has lion's share in Chinese China which it is Internet service giant, and Tencent reserve crotch Co., Ltd. (Tencent) runs. The number of the registered user is approximately 900 million people.

Three merits

Awakening of visit to Japan Chinese purchasing will

Wechat user in China is approximately 1 billion people, and 400 million people of those use Wechat. It is hook of big consumption for Chinese tourist who does not have cash very much by introducing into store.

Offer of simple settlement service

The store side inputs settlement amount of money using ios terminals such as iPad or iPhone and we only read bank account that user showed and QR cord which linked and can complete the settlement. Because amount of money converted into settlement amount of money and yuan is displayed after the settlement in terminal of user, user can perform the settlement without need of receipt smartly.

Unification of user management, pulling in customers

For user who settled an account in Wechat Payment, we can automatically guide to store site that we established in Wechat. In this way, it promotes registration of store member and can send promotion information for sales promotion directly, and marketing can use from user info.

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Simple settlement flow

The store side introduces ios terminals such as iPad or iPhone as terminal for the settlement.
Because we can introduce without being able to use ios terminal which we have already owned, and almost hanging initial expense, it is very simple and is simple.
At the time of the settlement, we input settlement amount of money on exclusive ios application,
We only read QR cord for the settlement that buyer (Chinese tourist) displays at ios terminal on the store side, and the settlement is completed.
QR cord for the settlement changes with function of one-time password every one minute.
When store reads QR cord, the system is such that we distinguish bank information of buyer on the service side of Wechat.

  • We launch settlement application of terminal and input amount of money.
  • We read QR cord of customer with camera function
  • Settlement completion! We acquire account info of customer
  • We make a profit on cloud and manage

Flow until introduction

  • Application
  • Contract
  • Apparatus setting
  • Use start

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