About the use of personal informationAbout the use of personal information

About the use of personal information

  1. 1. Basic policy
    We protect information of customer by recognizing that it is duty that all people engaging in us are important to by protection of personal information when "bejikopu" accomplishes duties by delivery service of farm products utilizing the Internet and human resources dispatch consulting, and observing personal information protection management system, and handling personal information precisely and safely and shall continue meeting the trust.
  2. 2. The observance such as laws and ordinances
    We observe laws and ordinances about protection, guidelines that country sets on personal information including "law about protection of personal information" and this privacy policy on dealing with personal information.
  3. 3. Privacy Policy
    1. (1) The acquisition, the use, offer of personal information
      About the acquisition, the use of personal information and offer, we do the appropriate handling in consideration of contents and scale of job offer job hunting information service within the use purpose to list in "about the handling of personal information". In us, the use except the use purpose does not perform the acquisition or deposited personal information.
    2. (2) Appropriate management of personal information
      About the prevention such as unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation of personal information and leak and correction, we maintain the safety management system at appropriate and rational standard.
      Access to personal information limits to minimum officer employee.
      When we consign privacy policy outside, we perform necessary inspection with the conclusion such as non-disclosure contracts and secure the effect.
      When we respect right of the person about personal information, and disclosure, correction and deletion are demanded for personal information, we accept to be able to let rational procedure go through.
  4. 4. Education
    We perform education about protection of personal information for officer and all employees continuously and will practice the appropriate handling of personal information.
  5. 5. Response to complaint and consultation
    When and complaint about privacy policy is consulted, we investigate facts about the contents quickly and will cope in all sincerity within rational period.
  6. 6. Continuous improvement of personal information protection management system
    Put the management systems including policy, organization, plan, enforcement, inspection to relate to protection of personal information to hold and review together for change or technological change of society environment, and we perform improvement continuous appropriately.