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Introduction example

Introduction example 1 cellular phone shop
By human resources acquisition of trilingual, we expect for sales up.
We understand technical term, and waiting on customers duties feel relieved without problem, too. Her waiting on customers that not only Chinese but also English is proficient in is big force recently as customers from foreign country increase.
Introduction example 2 system company
We show ability that is beyond expectation from the beginning of entering a company.
We show performance that is the same as experienced person from the beginning of entering a company, and it turns out that we learned properly in technical school. We will expect further achievement as the core staff of company in future.
Introduction example 3 call center
It supports foreign language which was problem and plays an active part as adaptable fighting potential.
For foreign customer who increased year by year, we had us where countermeasure started late suggest solution called "bilingual foreign student". It supports native and gets favorable reception from customer.
Introduction example 4 restaurant
By word of mouth of visit to Japan tourist, the number of the customers increases.
As part-time job experience is abundant, we can perform operation in shop smoothly, too. Multiple languages-response service of our restaurant is introduced by overseas visit to Japan sightseeing site, and customers increase.
Introduction example 5 major distribution warehouse
Communicative competence is high, and work is smooth, too.
As he does not always run out of smile, and communicative competence is high, mutual understanding is smooth with other foreign staff let alone the Japanese staff. We pull the spot as leader-like existence.

Voice (comment movie) of working foreign student parttimer

bejikopu production center direct shipment farm
The food warehouse staff
After the graduation, we want to continue doing this work.
Besides, we did various part-time jobs, but the current work is the most fun. It is different from learning in technical school in genre, but thinks that we want to find a job in firm direct from the field after the graduation seriously.
Day greens fish
The restaurant staff
We were able to find human resources who could expect long-term working.
Japanese staff tells what we do not understand by work kindly. As we can learn Japanese food and manner, a lot of Japanese, we like work of hall.