Feelings of bejikopuFeelings of bejikopu

"Resident as sommelier of field in production center"

We continue longtime acquaintance that our staff lives in main production centers and includes way of thinking and personality of producer. Confirm up to materials and how to make not only cultivation method but also compost, and advise;, so to speak, "sommelier of field." We work until vegetables are done while cooperating with producer closely.

At the company farm "right crop for right land"

We have farm in Shinto-mura of Gunma, and the exclusive duty staff selects carefully from materials of organic compost and produces organic vegetables. What we are particular about "right crop for right land." We cultivate kind that is most suitable for season when it is most suitable for climate climate of this ground and we arrest the most delicious season and ship. We work hard at work every day when we want to tell about true taste of vegetables from their hands.

National assiduous farmer and tie-up

Close relationship of mutual trust is built with excellent assiduous farmers of the whole country to Okinawa by Hokkaido.
We have bejikopu original network.